October 21, 2020

Fortunately, there are more choices than ever when it comes to refreshable braille displays and notetakers. Join us to learn about the different features of these devices to consider, including the number of cells, functions, flexibility, and future needs of students.

Refreshable Braille Devices: What to Choose?

October 21, 2020

Are you looking for some new tools in your toolbox for reinforcing braille literacy? This session will provide an overview of braille technology that can be used in conjunction with a traditional braille curriculum to reinforce braille literacy skills.

Buzzin’ About Braille

April 24, 2020

Learn about the many built-in (and free) accessibility features available across a variety of platforms, such as Narrator, VoiceOver, TalkBack, ChromeVox, etc.

Built-in Accessibility Features

April 24, 2020

This session addresses questions related to implementing assistive technology instruction from a distance, using technology to teach a variety of skills, and troubleshooting devices.

Virtual Water Cooler-Let's Talk Tech

April 24, 2020

Come prepared to share your favorite accessible apps or extensions! Do you have a favorite app to reinforce braille literacy skills? Do you have an awesome extension that promotes student productivity? Join Rachael Sessler Trinkowsky and Andrea Wallace as they facilitate this collaborative session.

App/Extension Smackdown

April 23, 2020

Learn how voice assistants, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, Siri, dictation and other features can be used to support student independence, promote access to information and be used for productivity.

Voice Assistants and Dictation Features

April 23, 2020

An overview of basic keyboard commands will be provided with opportunities to practice.

Screen Readers & Keyboard Commands on Windows

Feb 16, 2017

Andrea Wallace reviews Apps for Access to the Expanded Core Curriculum and how technology can be integrated into the ECC. This webinar was recorded in 2017 and some of the apps may be out of date. For a more up to date version of this webinar, be sure to check out the archived App Smackdown webinar. 

Apps for Access

Jan 26, 2017

Want to learn more about accessible calculators that are available through the FIMC-VI Loan Library, then look no further! There are many more accessible calculators that are available today, such as DESMOS and the SAS Graphics Accelerator, but those run through a browser. The calculators in this webinar are only available through the Loan Library. APH has discontinued the Orion calculators that were once available on Quota. They can still be purchased through MaxiAids or Independent Living Aids. 

Accessible Calculators

April 6, 2016

Learn basic keyboard commands for producing and editing with common word processing software.

Screen Readers (JAWS)

Assistive Technology - Past Events

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