Florida Braille Challenge

The BRAILLE CHALLENGE is a national program of the Braille Institute® hosted by regional schools and agencies that serve blind and visually impaired children. It is the only national braille literacy competition of its kind in the country, and is specifically designed to challenge and reward blind students for their study of braille, which is essential to their future academic and employment success.  Regional students who score among the top 50 nationally are invited to Braille Institute in Los Angeles for a final competition!


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Braille Institute has announced that after looking at state implementation plans and speaking with regional coordinators, TVI’s, and the Braille Challenge Advisory Committee, for 2018, all contests for all categories will be in UEB only. There will be no EBAE option. The Nemeth code will not be used in any of the contests.

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Online registration for Teachers, Parents, Family Members, District Personnel
Agency Personnel, Volunteers, etc.

East Florida Orlando February 9, 2018 (Online Registration will close February 2)
South Florida Ft. Lauderdale February 16, 2018 (Online Registration will close February 9th)
West Florida Tampa March 2, 2018(Online Registration will close February 22)

2018 Florida Braille Challenge STUDENT Permission Forms



Download the permission form for the city your student will attend.
JACKSONVILLE (North Florida)
ORLANDO (East Florida)
FT. LAUDERDALE (South Florida)
TAMPA (West Florida)

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Please contact Sue Glaser for additional information,
Cell Phone: 813-695-8193 or Fax: 813-837-7979