Classroom Support

  1. Family Connect – What Teaching Assistants and Paraeducators do for Students who are Visually Impaired
  2. NFB – Helpful Hints for Paraprofessionals Working with Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  3. Check out our loan library for paraprofessional resources, such as:
    1. When You Have a Visually Impaired Student in Your Classroom A Guide for Paraeducators
    1. A Paraprofessional’s Handbook for Working with Students Who are Visually Impaired
    1. Competencies for Paraprofessionals Working with Learners Who are Deafblind in Early Intervention and Educational Settings
  4. View our webinar series for classroom teachers who have a student with visual impairments
    1. Link to website page that has this webinar series (after it is converted to Youtube)
  5. Math Concepts Project by grade, Downloadable Excel sheet