Eligibility for textbooks in braille or large print from FIMC-VI

To be eligible for embossed textbooks in braille or hard-copy large print materials, the student must be registered with FIMC-VI annually.  The student must meet the criteria established in Rule 6A-6.03014, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)  Exceptional Student Education Eligibility for Students Who Are Visually Impaired: 

(4) Criteria for eligibility. A student is eligible for special education and related services if the following medical and educational criteria are met:

(a) Medical. A licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist has documented an eye condition that causes an impairment as manifested by at least one of the following:

1. A visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye after best possible correction,
2. A peripheral field so constricted that it affects the student’s ability to function in an educational setting,
3. A diagnosis of visual impairment after best correction, or
4. A progressive loss of vision that may affect the student’s ability to function in an educational setting.

(b) The student needs special education as defined in Rules 6A-6.0331 and 6A-6.03411, F.A.C.

Once eligibility is established, on a triennial basis the student must have a medical eye examination within the last calendar year and a comprehensive assessment of skills known to be impacted by a visual impairment (assessments of functional vision, learning media, and expanded core competencies).

To initially register the student as a homeschool student, parents or caregivers should complete the Authorization Form for Homeschool Parents. Once this form is received at FIMC-VI, you will be contacted within three business days with further instructions. Please be prepared to share the following documents:

                a.  Copy of an Eye Medical Exam by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist that is less than     three years old

                b. Copy of an assessment of functional vision, learning media, and expanded core competencies

                c.  The signed permission form to share student identifiable information with APH and FIMC-VI. (Click here to download: Consent Form for APH and FIMC-VI)

If questions arise, please contact Kay Ratzlaff (kratzlaff@fimcvi.org / 813-837-7826). Upon approval, the parent or caregiver will be issued a username and password. Once the student is registered and eligibility status is established, the parent or caregiver will be able to request accessible textbooks or books (with an ISBN), materials from the loan library and/or materials from APH.