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FIMC-VI Canvas Course


Hayley Locker, FIMC-VI


Do you need a refresher on UEB Math/Science (formerly called UEB Technical)? Or are you ready to learn UEB Math/Science but would like some help along the way? Then you're in luck! Join Hayley Locker, FIMC-VI's Braille Specialist, on a journey through UEBOnline's Mathematics Program this school year. If you follow FIMC-VI's schedule, you will complete all 30 lessons by early May 2022! 

This program is open to anyone who is involved in the education of students with visual impairments in Florida; district and agency staff, family members and caregivers, volunteers, etc. If you are interested in participating, fill out this form to self-enroll in the Canvas course dedicated to this group. Participants will have access to both a group discussion board and two group meetings a month with Hayley to tackle the most challenging questions, and will receive 30 inservice credits upon completing all 30 lessons.

An orientation was held on August 19, 2021 and recorded.  If you unfamiliar with UEBOnline, we suggest you review the Orientation and PowerPoint

Participants are welcome to join this course at any time in the 2021-2022 school year, and you do not have to follow the FIMC-VI schedule to receive credit.