Florida Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Impaired

APH Chameleon 20 and Mantis Q40 Literacy Course

Date & Time

September 1, 2023-June 14, 2024
Registration will be open until May 15, 2024 or until there are 20 eligible participants. 


APH Hive


The registration form will open on September 1, 2023.


Independent Study


FIMC-VI is relaunching a free refreshable braille display program for registered students. Students enrolled in 2nd to 5th grade during the 2023-2024 school year may be eligible to participate. 

For students to be considered for the APH Chameleon 20 or Mantis Q40 Literacy Program, the TVI must submit an application and agree to participate in the program. This program will include free training from APH. One-on-one support will be available through FIMC-VI. Once training is complete, the device is the student's to keep. The mandatory training will be at your own pace and delivered through the APH Hive. 

Through the APH Hive modules, you will learn that the Chameleon 20 and Mantis Q40 do more than just act as a regular braille display, but are actually "lite" braille notetakers, which provides robust access and efficiency for students. The best part is you will be guided along the way and go from knowing what a braille display does to teaching others how to use it!

A total of 2.5 CEUs will be provided through APH for each course completed.

Enrollment will be open until 20 eligible students have been registered or May 15, 2024.Whichever comes first.

Program requirements overview:

  • Students must be registered with FIMC-VI
  • The student's primary literacy medium must be braille
  • The TVI must complete the course by June 14, 2024