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A cartoon fold up cane in multiple colors and Florida Cane Quest Braille Institute in print


The Art of Travel at Florida Cane Quest
November 4, 2023

                                                              Wilson Middle School
                                                                1005 W Swann Ave.
                                                                  Tampa, FL 33606

FCQ Agenda: PDF or Word

A student permission form and application must be submitted by the deadline for a student to participate.  Student permission forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and the application must be completed by the student’s O&M instructor.  Go to Student Registration Information to download the forms.  Adult Registration is only for family members, teachers, and volunteers. 

Student permission/application forms due October 13.

Adult Registration due October 20.

Adult Registration

Please note, Judge, Shadow, and Station Leader Zoom training is required on November 1 at 2:30pm EST.  

Student contestant crossing street with shadow. 

What is Florida Cane Quest®?

Cane Quest® is an orientation and mobility challenge for cane travelers in grades 3-12.  It was created by Braille Institute to challenge and motivate students to learn and improve O&M skills.  Florida Cane Quest is a regional event held annually for cane travelers in Florida who are divided into four categories:

Scouts – grades 3-6
Pioneers – grades 7-12 (new cane travelers or those working on basic skills)
Explorers – grades 7-9
Trailblazers – grades 10-12 

Travelers in grades 7-9 are known as “Explorers” and those in grades 10-12 are “Trailblazers”.  These cane travelers listen to pre-recorded instructions on a digital player to follow one of several routes in residential, light business or business environments. Along each route, O&M instructors are positioned to score students’ skills, techniques, and ability to follow directions as the student passes by. Each student is followed at all times by an assigned shadow to ensure safety. O&M instructors remain at their designated scoring area and are responsible for students in the scoring area.

Students in grades 3-6 are known as “Scouts” and those in grades 7-12 who are not ready for street travel are called “Pioneers”.  Scouts and Pioneers complete an indoor challenge earning coins to later exchange for prizes.  The Scouts and Pioneers route consists of 12-14 stations to test students’ O&M skills, such as search techniques, laterality, positional concepts, auditory localization, sighted guide, narrow passage, protective techniques, etc.  Students go through each station with a parent, family member, or other sighted team member who attends with the student. Each team performs the skills as assigned and is awarded plastic coins based on how well the skills are performed. Some stations require the sighted team member to wear a sleepshade and the student does the guiding!

A parent/guardian or assigned party is required to remain on-site throughout the event. 

To learn more about the national program visit Braille Institute's website.