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Florida Festival of Families

A papercut out family is standing on a book with green pages that look like grass under a paper cut out tree.


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Florida Festival of Families is a free all-day event for parents, family members and caregivers of children with visual impairments or dual sensory loss. Parents will attend sessions led by mentors who are visually impaired, other parents, or professionals in the field. While parents are networking and learning, children in grades K-12 can participate in activities to facilitate social skills, independent living and concept development.  Younger children or children with individualized needs should remain with parents during workshop sessions.

2023 Program 


What past attendees have said about the Festival of Families:

  • It is such a wonderful opportunity for families to support and encourage each other through this journey.
  • I think attending allows parents to not feel as though they are an island, navigating this alone.
  • This is the first workshop that I’ve been to and I found it extremely informative. I enjoyed all the speakers, took lots of notes and really enjoyed the entire day.
  • The provision of a setting where families could share their experiences and feel safe to be vulnerable in doing so, learn from blind adults, and make connections with those walking the same path were the strongest features of this workshop.
  • As a parent and an educator ONE thing I will take from this workshop is having high expectations while supporting and fostering independence- this is what resonated with me from the young adult panel.


Students gathered around a juicer, making orange juice.