Student Registration Information
Download Student Permission form and Checklist below

Student Registration Deadline: October 13, 2021

  • Mail: FIMC-VI
    Attn:  Sue Glaser
    4210 W. Bay Villa Ave.
    Tampa, FL  33611

  • Scan/Email:
    Fax: 813-837-7979

Student Registration Documents:

Scouts (grades 3-6) and Pioneers (grades 7 and up with O&M skills at the “Scouts” level)

Explorers (grades 7-9) AND Trailblazers (grades 10-12)

Requirements to Participate:

  1. Student must have access to a device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) with audio, video, and internet capability.  The virtual competition on Friday can be done in the student’s home or school environment.

  2. Students must use a white cane for this contest, and must wear closed-toe shoes.

  3. ALL students who register must participate in all aspects of Florida Cane Quest with a family member or adult who is 18 years old or older, known as the contestant’s teammate.  A younger teammate can assist, but both must be supervised by an adult.  Attendance at the face-to-face portion on Saturday is optional.

  4. A student’s visual acuity must fall within the B1 through B2 classification range as defined by the United States Association of Blind Athletes.

Class B1 - No light perception in either eye up to light perception, but inability to recognize the shape of a hand at any distance or in any direction.

Class B2 - From ability to recognize the shape of a hand up to visual acuity of 20/600 and/or a visual field of less than 5 degrees in the best eye with the best practical eye correction.


Sleepshade (Florida Cane Quest category) – If a student’s visual acuity does not fall within the B1 or B2 classification but is receiving orientation and mobility instruction while wearing a sleepshade, an O&M instructor can register the student in the “Sleepshade” category.  It is up to the student’s O&M instructor to determine if participation at this level is appropriate.  A student should only participate in this category if regular instruction while wearing a sleepshade is provided.

5. Students will compete in one of four groups:

Scout                                Pioneer                             Explorer                          Trailblazer                      

B1: grades 3-6                  B1: grades 7-12                 B1: grades 7-9                  B1: grades 10-12

B2: grades 3-6                  B2: grades 7-12                 B2: grades 7-9                  B2: grades 10-12              

Sleepshade: grades 3-6     Sleepshade: grades 7-12     Sleepshade: grades 7-9     Sleepshade: grades 10-12