FIMC-VI Info & Updates

Session 3


This webinar addresses end-of-year procedures, including returning materials to FIMC-VI and ordering textbooks for the next school year.  FIMC-VI updates are also shared, such as the new Online System, the Canvas resource site for teachers, and the 2020-2021 training calendar.

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Session 2
This webinar addresses the Annual Census for Florida students with visual impairments.  Watch this recorded webinar to learn about why the Annual Census is conducted, how to authorize staff, how to complete the Annual Census, and deadlines.

Session 1
This session addresses how to access the variety of services offered by FIMC-VI, including APH products, loan library materials, Scholastic books, textbooks, and student registration. 

The following information was missing from this webinar: If you are a new teacher, you must have authorization from your ESE Director or their designee in order to access student registration, textbook ordering, and APH orders.  Please ask this person to fill out the New Teacher Authorization form, which can also be found on our website under the Ordering tab.