WWE: Psychoeducational Assessment of Students with Visual Impairments

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November 30 - December 01, 2022




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Dr. Lynne Jaffe


Join Dr. Lynne Jaffe for an in-depth review of the Woodcock Johnson-IV (WJ-IV) assessment and the adaptations made to the content and procedures for learners with vision loss. Follow along as she explores some of the more complex subtests across each of the assessment batteries. Let’s build your knowledge and comfort with the braille adaptation of this powerhouse assessment all while strengthening your own assessment team!

Since its inception in the 1970’s the WJ-IV has been used far and wide across the United States to measure the cognitive abilities and achievement of children and adults. The American Printing House for the Blind, in partnership with Dr. Lynne Jaffe, have worked to ensure that learners with vision loss had equitable access to this amazing tool.

The WJ-IV is traditionally administered by a school psychologist, educational diagnostician, or other professional with training specific to academic assessments. However, their training is centered around the precision and procedure of the assessment tool when presented in a visual format. But what happens for students with vision loss? Can we just use the same tool orally? Do we need a new tool and/or procedure? How is that decision made? To answer these questions and more we must bring another expert on to the team, the teacher of the visually impaired (TVI). Through the power of these two experts and the adapted version of the WJ-IV we can provide an accessible experience and meaningful results.


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