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Miscellaneous Resources - Downloadable Documents

FIMC-VI's Canvas Resource Site

  • Using the Canvas Learning Management System platform, FIMC-VI has created a resource site for TVIs and other professionals serving students with visual impairments in Florida.  To be added to this site, fill out the Canvas Resource Site and Course Sign-Up form
  • Follow the steps in the FIMC-VI Canvas Directions to accept your emailed invitation.
  • Once you have registered, you may reach this site by visiting Canvas.


FIMC-VI and FSU Mentor Connection Program

  • FIMC-VI, in collaboration with FSU, is facilitating a mentor program to connect new teachers in the field and pre-service teachers in FSU’s undergraduate and graduate programs with experienced TVIs and O&M instructors in the state. 

  • If you are an experienced TVI or O&M instructor and are interested in participating in any capacity, please complete the Mentor Program form. We will contact you to find out your availability before making a mentee connection.

  • If you are a TVI and/or O&M instructor new to the field or new to the State of Florida and you would like a professional mentor to communicate with throughout the school year, complete the Mentor Request form.  Communication can take place via phone calls, email, virtual platforms, etc.​


Florida Department of Education Administrative Rules for Educators of Students Who Are Visually Impaired


Florida Exceptional Student Education Eligibility for Students Who Are Visually Impaired


Florida State Standards for Education of Students Who Are Visually Impaired

Course Standards for Expanded Core Competencies (Florida educator certification in Visually Impaired (Elementary and Secondary Grades K-12) required):

Course Standards for Orientation and Mobility (Florida educator certification in Visually Impaired (Elementary and Secondary Grades K-12) Plus Orientation and Mobility Endorsement required):


Teacher Preparation Programs at Florida State University

Are you alternatively certified or teaching out of field and need to learn the specialized skills to work with students who have visual impairments? Are you an educator or paraprofessional who wants to become a TVI? 

Florida State University now offers an online program to prepare teachers who can provide effective instruction to students who are visually impaired.

This program is offered online and specifically tailored for teachers who are working. 

A new cohort begins each August. 

Deadline to apply is July 1st (Application)

Funding from TEACH grants is available to those who agree to teach full time for at least 4 years at a school or educational service agency that serves students from low-income families. Other scholarships are available.

Email Eileen Bischof to learn more!

Scholarships available through other agencies: