2021 Florida Cane Quest® competition will be held November 1 or 2 via Zoom (9:00am-3:00pm). The Family Event and Awards will be held November 6 via Zoom (9:00am-3:00pm).


A student permission form and application must be submitted by the deadline in order for a student to participate. Student permission forms must be signed by a parent or guardian and the application must be completed by the student's O&M instructor. Click the Student Registration Information button to learn more and download the forms. Do NOT register students using the online registration link. 

Student permission forms and applications must be sent to Sue Glaser by October 13.

Register online for Family Activities by October 25.

Past Event Activities & Handouts

How does Florida Cane Quest® Work?

Cane Quest® is an orientation and mobility challenge for cane travelers in grades 3-12.  It was created by Braille Institute of America (www.canequest.org) to challenge and motivate students to learn and improve O&M skills.  Florida Cane Quest is a regional event held annually for cane travelers in Florida who are divided into four categories:


Scouts – grades 3-6

Pioneers – grades 7-12 (new cane travelers or those working on basic skills)

Explorers – grades 7-9

Trailblazers – grades 10-12 


Through scheduled Zoom appointments on Monday (11/1) or Tuesday (11/2), students will be judged on their performance and understanding of a variety of O&M skills that can be performed in their home or school environment.  All students who register must participate in all portions of Florida Cane Quest with an O&M instructor, a family member or adult who is 18 years old or older, known as the contestant’s teammate.  A younger teammate can assist, but both must be supervised by an adult.  A trained Florida Cane Quest Judge will work with each student and teammate pair via Zoom at a designated appointment time on Monday or Tuesday to complete the skills and be scored. Scouts and Pioneers will earn coins that can be used to go shopping in the online Florida Cane Quest store. Explorers and Trailblazers will compete to earn first, second, or third place prizes in their corresponding category. Instructions for shopping and awards will be announced at the virtual family event on Saturday.  

On Saturday, November 6, the virtual event will take place on Zoom. To help celebrate our 2021 Florida Cane Quest contestants, all children with visual impairments and their families are invited to the virtual event. Activities related to our theme will be incorporated for families to do together. Guest speakers will present topics related to orientation and mobility including transportation, facilitating independent travel at home and in the community, and more. 


Families who register by October 25 will receive an activity bag in the mail. The event will conclude with an Awards Ceremony to recognize the Scout, Pioneer, Explorer, and Trailblazer contestants who tested their cane skills earlier in the week.