Instructional Resources

  1. Assessment
    1. IDEA Evaluation procedures
    2. Essential Assessment for Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired
    3. Paths to Literacy – Overview of Learning Media Assessment
    4. Check out our loan library ( for assessment resources such as:
      • APH Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment
      • TAPS-O&M Assessment
      • APH – The Functional Skills Assessments
      • AFB Publications and so much more!
    5. Informal Reading Inventory Resources
  2. Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)

In order for students with visual impairments to successfully access the core curriculum of math, language arts, science, etc. and become independent adults, they may need specific and explicit instruction in the nine domains of the expanded core curriculum (ECC): assistive technology, career education, compensatory skills, recreation and leisure, orientation and mobility, self-determination, sensory efficiency, social skills, and independent living skills. The follow links provide a general overview of the ECC and related resources. For more detailed resources on each domain, please visit the corresponding links below.

  1. Perkins Expanded Core Curriculum Resources
  2. Assistive Technology
    1. Instructional Resources – Some resources may not be the most current, but provide a good basis for instruction or have elements that are still current. Be sure to always check manufacturer updates for the most current information regarding firmware, shortcut keys, etc.
      1. Touch Typing
      2. Screen Readers
      3. Screen Magnification
      4. Braille Notetakers
      5. Curricula and Resources for multiple technologies
      6. Calculators
    2. Assessment
    1. Apps
  1. Career Education
  2. Compensatory
    1. Math
    2. Science
    3. Reading
    4. Teaching Braille
  3. Recreation and Leisure
  4. Orientation and Mobility
    • O&M services in IDEA
    • O&M VISSIT
    • NMSBVI Orientation & Mobility Inventory
    • TSBVI – Orientation and Mobility
    • Visit our loan library for more resources, such as:
      • Texas Two Step
      • TAPS An Orientation & Mobility Curriculum for Students with Visual Impairments Part 2: Comprehensive initial and ongoing evaluation
      • The Art & Science of Teaching Orientation and Mobility to Person with Visual Impairments
      • Basic Spanish for Orientation and Mobility
  5. Self Determination
  6. Sensory Efficiency
  7. Social Skills
  8. Independent Living Skills