Designing and Planning a Tactile Graphic


July 28, 2020 @ 12:00PM EST


Online / Zoom

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Lucia Hasty, Rocky Mountain Braille Associates


This webinar will offer a basic understanding of:

1. Decisions:

a. Which print images should be produced as a tactile graphic? Why?

b. What other techniques can be used to convey the content?

2. Planning and Editing:

a. Determine which details in the image are important and should be included in the tactile graphic;

b.  Determine what production method will be most efficient and effective for this graphic;

c. Using an organized process for determining which areas, lines, point symbols and labels will be used;

d. Shortcuts, tips and tricks for providing the most information in the clearest way for the reader

3. Overview of BANA Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics and how to use it


1. Examples of print images for participants to work on during the webinar discussions will be distributed prior to the webinar.

2. Planning sheets for participants to complete during the webinar instruction will be distributed prior to the webinar.

Resources to be shared:

1. BANA Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics 2010- main manual and tactile graphics supplement if available.

2. A resource list of image libraries that offer ready-made tactile graphics bases to tailor to your students’ needs will be provided.

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