Intro to BrailleBlaster

Date of event: July 27, 2020


William Freeman


This session will cover the basics of using BrailleBlaster, a free braille transcription program. We will learn what file types are supported, how to get the most out of a file made outside BrailleBlaster, how to edit files inside BrailleBlaster, how to make print page numbers, and the basics of how to make math using both ASCII Math and the Spatial Math Editor. Please come prepared to follow along on your own computer with BrailleBlaster already installed and with the attached file ready to be used.
Download BrailleBlaster. At the time of this webinar, you want to get version 1.25 stable- not Version 2. Version 2 is not ready for prime time just yet!


Intro to BrailleBlaster - HANDOUTS

Intro to BrailleBlaster - CHAT