Tactile Graphics: Producing Daily Classroom Materials

Date of event: August 6, 2020


Lucia Hasty


Teacher-made, workbook, and handout materials require less astringent adherence to the rules than textbook materials do. Producing these materials in a timely way can also be difficult. This webinar will discuss:

  1. Consumable materials (worksheets to be filled in)
  2. Producing supplements and reference lists
  3. Considering audio-tactile materials (Livescribe pen, PenFriend, APH SoundPage)
  4. Immediate graphics: Sensational Blackboard, APH Draftsman and Tactile Doodle, EASYinTACT Sketchpad
  5. Creating templates
  6. TactPlus printer


Producing Daily Classroom Materials - HANDOUTS

Producing Daily Classroom Materials - CHAT